The Obscurity of God's Will

It has been so long since I have written, perhaps I have forgotten how. Perhaps the lapse is an indication that something else has grasped my mind and attention and writing my blog has taken second place to it. It is interesting that when I completed the series on storms, and the skies cleared, and the rains subsided, with the dawning of the sun, came that something that grasped my attention from writing.

God's will. I thought I had it in the bag; understood the very factions of this concept. I searched it, thought I found it, followed it earnestly, held tight to it and would not let it go. And now 30 years later, I haven't the foggiest what it means. Can I say this new something is God's will? I don't know. For who can know the infinite mind of God? How does one take the step of faith that is in complete murky darkness? How can one know the future? Haw can one know if a venture will succeed or fail? How can one risk hundreds of thousands of dollars when success means a viable livelihood and where failure means utter ruin?

People call me a risk taker. Yet, I have been cautious in all my endeavors. I have taken care to be sure I follow the correct path to get me where I have thought God's will stood. Yet, to take a family to a nation where the people were not only cannibals but headhunters too would seem a bit risky. To climb aboard some of the means of transportation we have clung to, would seem heady; like the barge in Africa tied to small trees by a thin cord, the swinging bridge, laying down two 8 inch planks where the bridge should have been, and driving a truck across it, the very small planes we boarded, ski lifts high in the Alps, leaking dugout canoes where we had to bail the whole trip, two babies and a man on one bicycle and mom and another baby on another, two market baskets held on either side of the motorcycle for balance as we jumped washed out roads, ran over pigs and threw roosting chickens off our handlebars. Scares me just to write it.

So do I make the next venture that is foremost in my thoughts these days?

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